The Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport - India

You are a business in the Logistics and Transport world? Or a training organisation or public body? Consider the advantages of corporate or organisational membership.

CILT corporate membership - people around a table discussing

By partnering with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), your organisation will gain many advantages. You will:

  1. Raise awareness of your organisation within the market place
  2. Assist in the development of your employees through Continuous Professional Development
  3. Expand your business networks
  4. Help keep your organisation at the forefront of innovation


CILT Corporate Membership delivers value to your business through

  1. Recognition of your commitment to supporting the profession
  2. Exclusive opportunities to engage with peers
  3. Access to wider networks in industry, academia and government
  4. Improved staff recruitment and retention through enhanced training
  5. Greater operational efficiency through industry benchmarking
  6. Raised company profile and kudos via CILT's marketing channels

These advantages are all cost-effective ways of increasing productivity and profit.

By linking your organisation with CILT you have access for many services and events that will benefit your employees regardless of their individual member status.

Our corporate programmes differ between countries. Corporate packages usually allow you to nominate representatives from within your organisation to be registered as participants of CILT events. Nominating key personnel is a cost-effective and useful way of introducing employees to the benefits of the CILT network and is an excellent way to give an overview to senior managers in related specialisms such as Human Resources, Marketing and Finance.


Specify products manufactured/ services offered related to Transport, if any. Organizations may apply as Corporate member.

Fee for Organizational Membership is Rs. 2,50,000 (Rupees two lakhs and fifty thousand only)

All cheques/demand drafts/pay orders (no cash please) may be drawn in favors of CILT-India, payable at New Delhi (Rs.200/- to be added for Non-Delhi Cheque), send all cheues to Manager Administrattion at CILT Headquarter, New Delhi

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