The Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport - India

MoU between CILT India and Department of Logistics, Ministry of Commerce & Industry

The Logistics Division under the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (India) have on 30th April 2019, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to set up an institutional mechanism to work with various stakeholders in Logistics sector.

The Ministry has entered into a bipartite agreement with CILT India to collaborate to promote the logistics sector in India. The MOU was signed by Mr. Anant Swarup, Joint Secretary (Logistics), Government of India and Mr. Shanti Narain, National Chairman, Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, India in the office of Special Secretary (Logistics), Mr. N. Sivasailam in Udyog Bhawan.

Under this agreement, a “Centre of Logistics Excellence” will be created with a focus on Integrated Transport Systems and Information Technology.

CILT India would assist in organizing Training and Education programs as well as Conferences and Exhibitions, coordinate and promote Research both at National and International level, publish Papers and Periodicals and institute Awards, offer Fellowships and Prizes.

CILT India would also be a part of the Think Tank for Logistics and the Logistics National Council.

(LtoR): Mr. Sanjiv Garg, Mr. Shanti Narain, Mr. N Sivasailam, Mr. Anant Swarup.