The Chartered Institute of Logistics Transport - India

July 13, 2019, | CILT (India), New Delhi


A Round Table Conference was organized by CILT (India) to discuss the Freight forwarding industry in India on July 13, 2019, at CILT (India), New Delhi.

The main objective of this meeting was to understand the issues that are important for the community of freight forwarders and thereafter discuss the possible solution to address them. Thereafter we could work on a possible digital freight forwarding platform which could support the community. 

 The discussion was initiated with a welcome address by Dr. Veni Mathur, Vice President, CILT (India) followed by a discussion on the following subjects -

 - Indian Freight Forwarding Industry – an Overview

 - Challenges – Traditional Model Thinking

 - Digital Disruption – The Game Changer

 - Business Model – Platform Co-Ownership

 - Solution – A Digital Platform

 - Value-Added Services – Icing on the Cake

 - Operating Framework  

Some Photographs of the meeting 

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Click the link below to view the paper on ‘Digital Freight Forwarding’ circulated by Shri Sunil Vali, Director at Deloitte & Touche during the meeting.

 Digital Freight Forwarding

The discussion was well attended and appreciated by the participants.


The Participants at this RTC on freight forwarding:

 - Ajay Verma - GM, Gujrat Pipavav port Ltd.

 - Deepali Saxena,

 - Nitin Rawat - Procam Logistics

 - Prem Behl - Chairman, Exhibition India Group

 - Rajesh Gupta - DGM, Pantos Logistics

 - Sunil Vali - Director-Consulting, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

 - Vanish Ahluwalia - Sr. GM, All Cargo Logistics Ltd.

 - Sanjiv Garg - MD, Pipava Railway Corporation Ltd

 - Veni Mathur - Vice Chairman, CILT (India)

 - Ragini Yechury - Chairperson, WILAT, CILT (India)

 - Vinod Asthana - Treasurer, CILT (India)

 - Usha Maurya - Manager (Admin), CILT (India)

 - Jitendra Kumar Singh - Manager (Operations), CILT (India)

 - Harjeet Kumar - Research Officer, CILT (India)